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Geoloqi makes it easy to add location-awareness to any app.

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Geotrigger Service Now Available

Geoloqi joined Esri in 2012 and the Geotrigger Service has been relaunched on

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Use Esri's Geotrigger Service To Enable…

Retail and Loyalty

Engage loyal customers with personalized content and deals the moment they enter your store.

Big Red Box

Sixth visit to Big Red Box,
get 10% off your purchase with the code 'YOUAREAWESOME!'.

Real Estate

Send messages to prospective home buyers when their search criteria matches a home nearby.

Home Findr

A 3, bed 2 bath house matching
your criteria is nearby.

Energy Management

Use your location to automatically manage power consumption in your home or office.

Energy Management

You forgot to turn the lights off at
work again! Good thing we did it for you!


Bring public attractions to life by informing tourists of interesting locations as they explore your city.


The Shanghai Tunnels tour
begins at 2:30, would you like to join?

Public Alerts

Notify citizens about events such as road closures or civic emergencies based on past locations.

Public Alerts

The Hawthorne Bridge will be
closed Saturday from 9am to Noon.

Personalized Offers

Send customized, individual offers to potential customers as they pass by your establishment.


Need a break? There's a new
massage studio 3 blocks away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Esri's Geotrigger Service?

After Geoloqi's aquisition by Esri, the Geoloqi team has been working on the next version of Geoloqi. The Esri Geotrigger Service is the result of this work. Learn more!

Why should I use Esri's Geotrigger Service instead?

The Geotrigger Service contains the most up-to-date work on location services. In addition to better overall performance, the Geotrigger Service is also cheaper! Pricing

Is Geoloqi being shut down?

Current Geoloqi customers do not have to worry — Geoloqi will continue to remain active until August 2015. We encourage current Geoloqi customers to migrate over to the Geotrigger Service, and we will be releasing tools to help with the migration.

Can I still sign up for Geoloqi?

Geoloqi isn't accepting new customers at this time. We encourage you to look at Esri's Geotrigger Service!

How easy is it to migrate?

A migration guide has been published, and we will be releasing tools to help make the migration easier. If you are a large customer that needs assistance migrating please contact: [email protected].

Can you develop my app for me?

No, but if you are a large enterprise serving over 100,000 users, we can discuss OEM options. Contact us for more information.



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