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Corporate Information

About Geoloqi

Geoloqi is a powerful platform for real-time location-based services, and makes it simple for enterprise partners, OEMs and mobile developers to quickly add rich geolocation functionality to apps and devices. It provides a complete, real-time toolkit for tracking, messaging, battery management, geofencing, storage and actionable analytics, with a language agnostic SDK and proprietary API. Founded in 2010, Geoloqi is based in Portland, OR and backed by Portland Seed Fund and TIE. For more information on Geoloqi, please visit

Platform Overview

  • Device/ Language/ Carrier Agnostic: Geoloqi offers a language agnostic, cross platform SDK with native support for iOS and Android, and is fully portable to Windows and embedded systems. The platform enables customers to easily add location to any device, on any platform, and deliver it through any carrier or system around the world.
  • Geofencing/ Battery Safe Trigger Zones: The Geoloqi SDK enables accurate, customizable geofencing, auto-check ins, and automatically manages a device's battery life while using location, so users can run the app all day without significant battery drain.
  • Hosted Spatial Storage: Spatial storage allows you to create and store places, messages, and geofences. Create private places, quickly import datasets, search for nearby places and automatically sync relevant data to users. Geoloqi is optimized for use with real-time applications and battery-safe operations.
  • Rich dwell-time and location-based analytics: Geoloqi provides deep, real-time analytics on users and their location data and history and allows customers to create custom reports. It provides rich analytics and visualizations for tracking users, geofences and message conversions, place dwell time, visitor metrics, and more.
  • Real-Time Location Tracking: Geoloqi makes it simple to implement full-featured, real-time tracking in and out of doors, with minimal time and effort. Geoloqi offers SDKs for iOS, Android, Javascript, Ruby, PHP and more.
  • Location-Based Messaging: Push messages to end users upon arriving, dwelling or leaving a place, as well as based off of time or day or a user's speed. Messaging works with any carrier and enables notifications for iOS and Android, SMS and Email for all devices.