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Kyle Drake to Present “Building a Real-time geolocation game with Geoloqi using Node.JS” @ #NodePDX

Node PDX Conf, Portland, OR
Geoloqi Developer Kyle Drake will be presenting how he and the team at Geoloqi built a real-time geolocation game with Node.js and the Geoloqi API & Services. A quick description of Kyle’s presentation:
Kyle Drake of

There are very powerful things you can do with Node.JS, particularly with projects needing a lot of I/O operations. At Geoloqi, we have used Node.JS and Socket.IO to build a JavaScript client that allows our developers to map real-time tracking on a browser with almost no code needed. Our first project using this is MapAttack!, a truly real-time location-based geofencing game.

Hear about how we made the game, how we made it real-time, where we’re going, and where Node.JS is going to have a role in it. I will also cover what it took to build Geoloqi’s Real-time Streaming API, and how it can be used to bring real-time location functionality to existing applications.

I will also talk a little bit about the Reactor pattern, the mysterious thing underneath that powers Node.JS. I’ll discuss what Reactor patterns are good for (and not so good for), and compare them with threads. I will also compare Node.JS’s reactor pattern to ones in other languages.

Kyle Drake is a many-hats web developer and entrepreneur that speaks multiple languages, and has worked with numerous startups to build their infrastructure. As a software engineer for Geoloqi, he is helping to build their geolocation platform and real-time location-streaming API. He previously developed some of the top Facebook applications as a senior Facebook app developer for Dachis Group.

In his free time, Kyle likes writing more code, working on web site ideas, riding his bicycle around Portland, hiking in the mountains, skiing, reading anthropology and tech books, and he’s fairly good at playing the Star Trek pinball machine at Ground Kontrol.


Geoloqi Developers Site:
Geoloqi’s Github:
Kyle Drake’s Github:

If you’d just like to come and check out Kyle’s Presentation and the other kick ass presentations lined up, get involved in some coding, hear what Node.js is all about, or just hang out please RSVP and get the event on your calendar!

If you’d like to be among the presenters, submit a proposal, and you too can step up into the coder spotlight.

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Geoloqi for iPhone now in the app store!

After nearly a year of planning, testing and development Geoloqi for iPhone is now in the app store!

This is the first version. Many more features will be added over time. Thanks to everyone who helped build, test, design and suggest features! There will be more to come, including more layers, a layer builder, advanced Geonotes and more in upcoming releases.

You can download Geoloqi for iPhone here.

Geoloqi in the app store!

What is Geoloqi?

Geoloqi is a private, real-time mobile and web platform for securely sharing location data. Features include Geonotes, automatic Foursquare checkins, and private real-time GPS tracking. Geoloqi gives you full control over you privacy. Share your location with those you want to for a limited time.

The GPS tracker runs in the background, and has full tracking settings. Choose from high resolution tracking, battery saver mode or your own custom settings. Worried about battery consumption? You’ll get a warning when your battery gets too low.

Geoloqi for iPhone

Features in this release:

  • Automatic Foursquare Checkins for your favorite places
  • Send Geonotes from the phone or website.
  • Location sharing
  • Facebook integration (share your location easily on Facebook)
  • History – see your location history on the website!
  • Anonymous tracking – want the ultimate privacy? Track and send your location anonymously!
  • USGS Earthquake layer – get notified of earthquakes within 250km of your location


* Share your location by Email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook, or copy the URL and paste it anywhere.
* Set a time for the link to expire and choose who to share it with. The system is completely private and easy to use.
* Your friends don’t have to have Geoloqi on their phones to receive your location updates! * Simply send your location sharing link to them and they can view your real-time location updates on a mobile friendly browser, allowing you to send your location to anyone with a smartphone!
* When your location expires, people won’t be able to access it, keeping where you are private!

Geonotes – Send a message to your future self!

* The Geonote option allows you to leave a message in a location and have it Emailed, texted or pushed to you when you get to that location.
* Send yourself a Geonote at the store so that you remember what groceries to get, or leave yourself a note at work reminding yourself of an important task.

Use Cases

  • Track your location as you run, or allow your spouse or loved ones to see your trail.
  • Biking or motorcycling? Visualize the entire trip! As you track yourself, you’ll be able to see a trail of where you’ve been over time.
  • Relax and automatically check yourself into your favorite locations as you go about your day! Use the layer feature to subscribe to geocoded data in real-time!
  • Build your own layer using the Geoloqi API! iPhone app works with Geoloqi’s website, allowing you to share location and send Geonotes from the web.

Future features

  • Inbox for Geonotes — don’t like getting Geonotes by Email? Miss a push notification? Geonotes will have their own home inside the app.
  • Semi-automatic Foursquare checkings — choose from a list of places and easily check in when you get to a place.
  • See friends on Twitter who use Geoloqi and leave them geonotes.
  • Better mobile map and sharing!
  • Layer creation tool. Build your own layers!
  • See your friends as layers
  • Android app


Read more about Geoloqi on Forbes, CNN, JWT’s 100 Things to Watch in 2011 and ReadWriteWeb.