Geoloqi Developer Kyle Drake to speak on building real-time games at Keeping it Realtime Conference in Portland, Oregon!

We’re happy to announce that on November 7th 2011, Geoloqi’s Kyle Drake will be speaking at the Keeping it Realtime Conference in Portland, Oregon!

Who is Kyle Drake?
Kyle Drake is a software engineer at Geoloqi. Drake helped build Geoloqi’s real-time location-streaming API, and he developed the Sinatra Synchrony framework for Ruby specifically for MapAttack, a real-time location-based urban geofencing game built on the Geoloqi platform.

He also developed some of the top Facebook applications as a senior Facebook app developer at Dachis Group in Portland, Oregon.

Session Description: Building MapAttack: A Realtime Geofence Game

Drake will talk about what was involved in building MapAttack, a truly real-time location-based geofencing game. Challenges and limitations, advantages and disadvantages will be discussed.

He’ll also discuss the technology behind MapAttack, including Sinatra Synchrony for Ruby, which he built specifically for the Geoloqi’s geofencing game MapAttack. He’ll also cover what it took to build Geoloqi’s real-time streaming API and how it can be used to bring real-time location functionality to existing applications.

What is KRT Conf?

Keeping is Realtime is a conference by developers, for developers with passionate, kickass speakers.
It’s a place where brand new frameworks are unveiled, there’s education for beginners and veterans. It’s a place for diverse perspectives and stacks in a venue structured to maximize discussion. This makes for a series of awesome networking events over the course of two amazing days.


Nov. 7th-8th, 2011 at the Left Bank Annex building in Portland, OR.


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More about MapAttack!

MapAttack is a real-time location-based game built on the Geoloqi platform. You can follow MapAttack! on Twitter at @playmapattack. You can download the MapAttack source code here.