Introducing Geonotes for iPhone and Android!

The Geonotes App is here for iPhone and Android!

Today we’re annouching something big! An update to the Geoloqi app. This demo app is the update to the app we released over a year ago. Since then, we’ve released geofencing and real-time SDKs for iPhone and Android.

Time for an Update!

Geoloqi's Geonotes for iPhone
It’s sometimes hard for us to find time to work on apps directly, because our focus is on building a great geofencing platform for mobile development, which is a lot of work.

We wanted to revamp our Geoloqi demo app to take advantage of the battery and accuracy improvements in the SDK, and also provide a way to have people subscribe to the free geo layers that we like to make in our spare time.

Last month, we finally got a chance to sit down and re-write our demo app to use the new SDK, and the result is here: the new Geonotes app from Geoloqi!

With the Geonotes app, you can finally provide battery-safe location context to your daily life: Instead of having to pull out your phone and slowly dig up information every time you need it, your phone becomes your sidekick. When you are in a certain location, it will provide information that is only useful to you when you are in that location.

Get it now for iPhone and Android!

Geonotes is available now for download in the App Store and Android Market. Download it now, add some geonotes, subscribe to layers, and see how fun it is to have location-based knowledge work for you!

Activity Stream

Now all of your geonotes and layer notifications show up in a stream on the app!

Geonotes: Location-based Reminders

For example, when I went shopping, I would always forget to buy bananas, and then regret it when I didn’t have any for breakfast the next day. So with the Geonotes app, I have created a reminder for myself that reminds me to buy bananas when I’m shopping, so I don’t forget.

Layers: Location-based Content

You can also subscribe to Layers, which are plugins to the Geonotes app that provide information for you based on your location. For example, the Wikipedia layer will provide links to articles and a brief description when you walk by places that have Wikipedia pages. I turn it on when I’m visiting new cities, because it’s a great way to get a tour of the city just by walking around.

There are many other layers, including one that notifies you when there was a nearby earthquake. And the Pinball Map layer, which will let you know when you’ve walked near a place that has pinball machines!

And because it’s powered by the Geoloqi Platform API, developers can program with this content to their hearts content. Using Geoloqi’s developer tools, you can make your own layers to add interesting geo-location content. For example, instead of leaving a Geonote to remind me to get bananas, I could program it to provide a shopping list when I’m at the store.

If you make any interesting layers, let us know! We’ll add it to our global list of layers.

Real-Time Tracking

Genotes only does ambient background tracking. To enable real-time tracking, use our GeoTracks app, available for Android (and iPhone, shortly).

Want these features in your apps?

Check out the Geoloqi Platform. With SDKs for iPhone and Android, you’ve got the majority of the market covered. Or if you want to develop for both devices at once, try the Geoloqi module for Appcelerator’s Titanium platform!

Download Geonotes!

Geoloqi’s Geonotes for iPhone

Geonotes for Android on Google Play

Geoloqi-Powered Apps Win 1st & 3rd Place at the AT&T Hackathon in Miami!

Over 100 developers participated in the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon in Miami this May. Developers teamed up to produce 11 applications in less than 24 hours. Teams that built apps powered by the Geoloqi platform took home the 1st and 3rd place prizes!

The event was produced by the AT&T Developer Program, Geoloqi, Apigee and others. It was designed for attendees to build apps/mobile apps and compete for prizes across different categories.

Developers with knowledge of many languages competed to finish a working app by the deadline, and Kyle Drake, Geoloqi’s platform engineer, was onsite to help developers with their projects. Everyone had a great time. The AT&T hackathon winners are below!

Geoloqi and AT&T Hackathon Award Winners Miami

First Place Winner

Gorillacab - General Hackathon 1st Place Winner – Gorillacab is a social location-aware application that quickly and affordably gets riders from A to B. Gorillacab used Geoloqi to power the location-based aspects of their application!

Gorilla Cab - 1st Prize Winners at the AT&T Geoloqi Hackathon in Miami

Third Place Winner

Do It 10 Times - General Hackathon 3rd Place Winner - Do It 10 Times is a next generation loyalty card application that helps users get discounts without the effort. Do It 10 Times helps companies get repeat customers without the hassle of advertising campaigns. Visit a location ten times and get coupons in your email, it’s that simple! Do It 10 Times used the Geoloqi platform to detect when visitors entered places of interest and then automatically checked them into those places.

Do t Ten Times - Geoloqi AT&T Hackathon Award Winner Miami

Other apps built on the Geoloqi Platform

Transit Layer - Transit Layer is an app built on the Geoloqi platform that notifies the user when the next bus will be coming. The app uses the user’s location to detect when they have entered a region and sends a callback sent to Geoloqi to lookup when the next bus will be coming, then sends the message to user.

Check check out AT&T’s full recap of the hackathon and the full list of winners!

Thanks to AT&T, Apigee and Kyle Drake for putting together a great hackathon! Thanks to everyone who built their app on the Geoloqi platform as well!

About Geoloqi

Geoloqi is a next generation location platform allowing developers and businesses to easily add advanced location capabilities to their mobile apps. Real-time location, geofencing and location-based push notifications are some of the features that one can add to an existing or new application in a matter of minutes. Geoloqi handles the hard part of geo so you don’t have to. You can sign up as a developer at or use the Geoloqi module for Titanium to easily deploy advanced geolocation apps for both iPhone and Android with ease! You can follow Geoloqi on Twitter here.

About Kyle Drake

Kyle Drake is a many-hats web developer and entrepreneur that speaks multiple languages, and has worked with numerous startups to build their core infrastructure. Kyle Drake is currently Geoloqi’s lead platform engineer. You can follow Kyle Drake on Twitter here.