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Geoloqi for Titanium Launches, Covered by VentureBeat, DigitalTrends, TechCrunch, GigaOm and more

Geoloqi Titanium Partnership
Today we launched the Geoloqi module for the Titanium platform, an easy way to add location to Titanium applications. This is a great step forward for location services. For the first time, Appcelerator’s 1.6 million developers have access to advanced geolocation tools and services right from their home base. Below is a sample of the press coverage we received today.

Venturebeat: Better location tools for more apps: Geoloqi is now on Appcelerator Titanium

“The two companies have been cozied up for a few months already. Now, they’re giving devs a two-month trial to test drive Geoloqi on Appcelerator’s Titanium 2.0 platform. In a word, this means better location tools will be available for more kinds of apps, and they’ll be easier to use for a wider range of developers.” – Jolie O’Dell

GigaOM: Geoloqi’s location tracking now available to Appcelerator devs

“The partnership has the potential to kickstart a lot more location-aware apps. Appcelerator has 1.6 million iOS and Android developers, who use Titanium to create apps. Now, they can drop in Appcelerator’s tool kit into their apps to enable geo-triggered events.” – Ryan Kim

ProgrammableWeb: Geoloqi Adds Powerful Location Module to Appcelerator

“Writing a location based mobile application is not easy. Often people think it is about getting a latitude / longitude and providing some context aware data/action based on the retrieved location. One of the frequent complaints from users of location based applications is their high battery consumption and also lack of accurate contextual data. With Geoloqi taking care of this in their module, developers can hope to focus on their application functionality.” – Romin Irani

TechCrunch: Appcelerator Partners With Geoloqi To Bring Location Services To Its 1.6 Million Developers

“Thanks to the new Geoloqi module, developers can now create geo-triggered events in their applications. This, says Appcelerator, will allow its developers to create apps that make use of geofencing and can, for example, send users a push notification when they cross the border into or out of a geofenced zone.” – Frederic Lardinois

DigitalTrends: Geoloqi and Appcelerator join forces for location app development – minus the battery suck

“If you take one look at the state of location apps, you should see that there’s a distinct need for something like this. The last year is littered with the remains of location apps that didn’t work, drained battery, pushed too many notifications, or too few. “While it’s not impossible to get good accuracy and battery life, it’s like doing your taxes – nobody wants to do their taxes,” says Case. Founders and developers (often one in the same) get caught up promoting and designing an app, sometimes failing to do the dirty work — and Geoloqi is more than happy to lay a foundation for them.” – Molly McHugh

SiliconAngle: Geoloqi API and Dev Kit Launching on Titanium

“Geoloqi is an embedded solution that lays down the ground work for just about any location-based service, whether it’s a Foursquare clone or an enterprise app. And today the platform reached a very significant milestone – it’s now an add-on in Titanium 2.0.” – Maria Deutscher

GeoPlace: Geoloqi Now Available on Appcelerator Titanium with a Two-month Free Trial

“”Appcelerator customers have been asking for a true, dependable geolocation solution and location-based analytics platform, and we found one in Geoloqi,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator. “It’s the first geolocation platform that enables individualized geo-triggered events within an application. This powerful toolkit is an essential addition to our app development marketplace, and we’re excited to offer Geoloqi technology to our customers.” –

Inside Mobile Apps: Advanced location-based services come to Titanium 2.0 with Geoloqi partnership

“Although Appcelerator already offered some basic location-based services like check-ins through the company’s new Appcelerator Cloud Services, developers using Geoloqi’s API can set up pre-determined location zones called geofences and enable location-triggered events in their Titanium-built apps. This enable apps to perform more sophisticated location-based tasks, such as sending a registered customer a push notification with a coupon attached as soon as they enter a store.” – Kathleen De Vere

SiliconFlorist: Make mine Titanium: Geoloqi powers battery efficient geolocation for Appcelerator Titanium

“What’s Appcelerator? Well, it is the “first mobile platform to combine the flexibility of open source development technologies with the power of cloud services.” Pretty cool right? Well, now it’s even cooler. Because it’s been Geoloqized.” – Rick Turoczy

Press Release

PORTLAND, OR – May 22, 2012 – Geoloqi, a powerful platform for next-generation location-based services, today announced the availability of the Geoloqi module for Appcelerator’s Titanium 2.0 platform. Geoloqi’s API and complete toolkit enable persistent location awareness with very minimal impact to battery consumption, so applications can truly behave in a context-aware manner. Its robust geolocation capabilities are now available to Appcelerator’s global network of over 1.6 million Titanium iOS and Android developers.

Additionally, Geoloqi has made customizable geo-triggered events possible for the first time ever, which allow push messages and events to be directed to a single end-user at the moment that they cross into a geofence (a location zone that triggers a push notification or other action), dwell within it or depart the zone for a host of next-generation uses. Geoloqi also enables persistent/ambient background location tracking, and transitions smoothly between location sources such as carrier signals, GPS, Wifi and indoor tracking systems. The platform also provides rich location and dwell-time analytics, giving customers the ability to analyze location data for the first time. Its advanced security settings with easy opt-in and opt-out features ensure safety and privacy practices are automatically updated at any time.
Geoloqi's Visual Trigger Editor

“Appcelerator customers have been asking for a true, dependable geolocation solution and location-based analytics platform, and we found one in Geoloqi,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator. “It’s the first geolocation platform that enables individualized geo-triggered events within an application. This powerful toolkit is an essential addition to our app development marketplace, and we’re excited to offer Geoloqi technology to our customers.”

“Appcelerator has been a fantastic partner, with a very impressive set of tools. We are thrilled to be enabling their developer base with the power of next-generation location services for their applications and look forward to unleashing the power of the creative commons with powerful, easy-to-use location features,” said Amber Case, Geoloqi CEO and co-founder.

Appcelerator is sponsoring a two-month free trial for all Titanium developers that register and download the Geoloqi Titanium module between now and June 30, 2012. To begin your free trial today, visit

Geoloqi's Visual Trigger Editor

About Geoloqi

Geoloqi is a powerful platform for real-time location based services, and makes it simple for enterprise partners, OEMs and mobile developers to quickly add rich geolocation functionality to apps and devices. It provides a complete, real-time toolkit for tracking, messaging, battery management, geofencing, storage and actionable analytics, with a language agnostic SDK and proprietary API. Founded in 2011, Geoloqi is based in Portland, OR and backed by the Portland Seed Fund and TIE. For more information on Geoloqi, please visit or follow Geoloqi on Twitter.

About Appcelerator

Appcelerator’s Titanium is the leading mobile platform of choice for thousands of companies seizing the mobile opportunity. With more than 40,000 applications deployed on 50 million devices, Appcelerator’s award-winning Titanium Platform leverages over 5,000 mobile device and operating system APIs to create native iOS, Android, and HTML5 mobile web apps. Customers who standardize on the Titanium Platform get to market 70% faster and can quickly optimize business results with analytics-driven insights into user behavior and app performance. Open and fully extensible, Titanium makes it easy to integrate data, content and services from a variety of sources into mobile applications to leverage best-of-breed capabilities. Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) provides instant social, location, communication and content features for user-centric mobility. Appcelerator’s worldwide ecosystem includes 300,000 mobile developers and hundreds of ISVs and integration partners. To learn more visit


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Geoloqi adds Appcelerator, Factual and Locaid partnerships, covered by TIME, Wired, CNet and VentureBeat and more at SXSW

We are pleased to share the news resulting from Amber Case’s keynote yesterday at SXSW Interactive. At the event, she shared that Geoloqi has established three key partnerships with Appcelerator, Factual and LocAid. These three partners help extend the Geoloqi platform into the hands of 1.6 million mobile app developers, to over 350 million phones, with a database including more than 60 million places of interest. The audience filled the room to capacity with 3,200 people and another 1,000 in overflow rooms with a livestream link.

Amber Case speaks to a packed ballroom at SXSW 2012 - Photo by Sheryl Maloney


We’re excited to share some of the great coverage we’ve been getting so far!

SXSW: Why Geo-Fencing Might Change Your Life (and Make You Believe in Location Sharing) “Imagine a world in which location-based applications were used less to merely identify location than to dynamically coordinate one’s personal data and agenda, making the accessing of information easier and more efficient.” – Time

Smartphone Battery Dead Again? Geoloqi Locates a Possible Solution “It’s notoriously annoying to handle all of this as a developer,” independent mobile security researcher Ashkan Soltani told Wired. “Geoloqi wraps everything together for third-party developers in a streamlined package, while also adding analytics services to sweeten the deal.” – Wired

How cutting edge geolocation can change everything This afternoon at the South by Southwest festival here, Geoloqi founder and CEO Amber Case gave a keynote talking about the state of the art in geolocation, and how new tools like those from her company and others are changing the world. – CNet

Geoloqi, Solver of the Great Location Problem, Partners Up Portland startup Geoloqi has been heralded as the one company to have finally cracked the code. It’s no accident. “We didn’t want to work on problems everyone is working on,” co-founder Amber Case told me. “We want to solve the hard ones.” – PandoDaily

Geoloqi adds 3 partnerships, extends reach to 1.6M devs The tools Geoloqi offers can be used to develop with any carrier and on any smartphone. These include geofencing, which allows an application to monitor a specified area and provide interactions to users based on whether they’re in that zone, “battery-safe trigger zones,” which tells an app to reduce its GPS monitoring based on whether a user is near a geofence, and “location-based messaging” which pings a user with information relevant to where they are. – VentureBeat

SXSW 2012 Apps Buzz Is Location, Location, Location Geoloqi makes a host of different location notifications that could have myriad consequences for consumers and businesses. Users can ask for notification reminders (“Don’t forget the tomato sauce!”) when arriving at a destination. – Huffington Post

Geoloqi Extends Platform with Appcelerator, Factual and Locaid Partnerships Geoloqi, a powerful platform for next-generation location based services, today announced strategic new partnerships with Appcelerator, a leading cross-platform mobile development platform; Factual, a large-scale data aggregation platform with a Global Places API; and Locaid, the world’s largest carrier location platform. – Directions Magazine

Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface Case is interested in the next generation of location, one that is ambient because it sits in the background and solves problems. Hence she has developed a platform called Geoloqi, a private location-sharing app to help address her frustrations. At SXSW she announced new partnerships with appcelerator, factual and Locaid to move Geoloqi to the next level. – Porter Novelli Blog

“Cyborg Anthropologist” (and CEO of Geoloqi) Amber Case at SXSWi 2012! When asked how GPS-based apps can change the world, Case answered, “Once you break down the barriers of space, then you start getting superpowers, this omniscient idea of where people are.” – What’s Trending

Location, location, location at SXSWi Geoloqi also found a way to keep battery usage down, a plague on location-services that are always monitoring where in the world you are. – NOW Toronto


We don’t yet have a video link to the keynote from SXSW, but you can see Amber in action on an episode of Qualcomm Spark.