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Mon May 16 2011, 10:10am

By caseorganic




Geoloqi-powered flashmob game takes grand prize at Amped Hackathon in Seattle!

This weekend a Geoloqi-powered flashmob game won the Amped Hack Day competition in Seattle, Washington. The competition was put on as an appendix to Seattle’s WebDirections conference.

WeFigured is a RealTime geo location based team game with a twist on Social Rewards. Sponsors create patterns with spots that need to be filled. Once users fill the spots, they get rewarded!

Why Should you go figure?


  • Make visiting places fun.
  • Discover new venues, bars, restaurants, museums and more.
  • Get Rewarded to go out.
  • Have a cause ? Create a custom pattern and get people to fill the spots


  • Get discovered
  • Promote your venue and event
  • Join the revolution – help people express themselves as patterns on the map
  • Offer exclusive deals

Each team member won a Bluetooth headset and a Motorola smartphone (useful for development). The entire app was built in a few hours, and the presentation included a live demo of the end of the game.

The app was built by Aaron Parecki, Gaurav Maken, Alex Kamotsky and Kirill Zubovsky. Zubovsky has a longer post on the hackathon experience here.